Pepsi's Menu Pro 

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The Menu Pro

Pepsi's Menu Pro serves as a versatile tool, catering to both internal and external needs. It was developed to streamline a labor-intensive manual process, foster a user-friendly interface to minimize training requirements, and expand the optimization potential for restaurants. Two versions of the tool were devised: one for Pepsi's internal Sales team and another for customer-facing interactions. The former aimed to facilitate engagement between Sales associates and restaurant owners who utilized Pepsi products alongside delivery platforms, while the latter presented customers with comprehensive audits of their menus.

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Menu Optimization

The primary function of Menu Pro was to aid in auditing and optimizing menus across various platforms like Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, Slice, and others. It automated the scraping of each platform, synthesized audits, and assigned scores based on predefined parameters, including menu structure, inclusion of Pepsi product images, beverage incorporation in combos, and clarity of product descriptions.

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Scoring System

Pepsi implemented a visual scoring system comprising three main categories and 11 subcategories, represented by green, yellow, and red dots. Green denoted scores of 66% or higher, yellow indicated scores between 33% and 66%, while red signaled scores below 33%. This system empowered Sales Reps to pinpoint areas for customer engagement based on audit results.

Although phase one did not involve revising this system, there was recognition of the potential to enhance accessibility for colorblind individuals.

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Sales Reps utilized Menu Pro to guide Pepsi customers in maximizing sales through strategic menu adjustments. The tool could also initiate email campaigns to inform customers about its services and report performance metrics. For most customers, edits suggested by Menu Pro could be automatically implemented upon consent.

Customers received tailored recommendations for menu enhancement based on their audit scores, resulting in increased order value, beverage attachment rates, and revenue generation.


Other Benefits

Menu Pro additionally facilitated tracking of beverage sales performance and recommended changes to boost sales, along with generating 30-day performance reports for each menu. Furthermore, Menu Pro included administrative functionalities to streamline operational tasks

Add a Menu

In cases where a customer's menu was not automatically audited, there was a feature to submit the menu for evaluation by providing its URL. Both Sales associates and customers could utilize this feature, with measures in place to safeguard against unauthorized access to other restaurants' data.

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Once a menu audit was finalized, the system automatically initiated a notification within the platform, accompanied by an email alerting the user of its completion.

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Fast Facts

The audit the system yielded a list of facts based on the optimization of the menu. This list gave a detailed view to both the SalesRep and the Customer.

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A robust number of filters and data points were implemented to help empowered the user drill down

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