Security Tool

ZenKey was a joint venture of the four (now three) largest U.S. wireless providers. ZenKey was to improve security for sites and their customers while reducing the need for extra passwords and one-time passcodes. While ZenKey had a leading design team working on the standalone app version, I was the lead designer for the Verizon version of the APP.


The Task

My job was to help rework and rebrand all flows into our My Verizon App (MVA). The MVA would host all main functionality, a light version of sorts. We evaluated all app functions and consulted with the primary design team in charge of MVA to find a balance to incorporate ZenKey into our app without introducing much more bulk and affecting performance.

Our job also included creating an MLP for our customers and incorporating the ZenKey product into Verizon's Wireless and wireline sign-in pages. It also meant that we would have to add specific tools/settings to the customer's Account profile.

Unfortunetly, in late 2022 – Verizon decided to sunset its partnership with ZenKey, and we removed it from the My Verizon app.

ZK screens
ZK screens 2
ZK screens 3