Carmelo Scores a Historic 62 Points at the Garden!
Melo 62

Carmelo Drops 62 at the Garden!
HOLY SHIT!!! I just saw one of the best Knicks game since the 1999 "Cinderella" Playoff run!!! Carmelo Anthony scores 62 points at the garden! And even more amazing is the fact he could have gone for a lot more if it weren’t a blowout! He was exhausted by the start of the 4th quarter, but I do believe 70 points was do-able this night. Don't matter. Game was amazing!

In a season full, FULL, of disappointments. It was much needed performance to Knicks nation!

Melo 62

Melo 62

Carmelo Anthony

62 Points
13 Rebounds
6 Three Points
10/10 at the Free Throw Line
0 Turnovers
"To be honest, coming into today’s game,
I just had a different type of focus."

How do you end the best half of basketball in your career? With a half-court shot of course! Watching this live you be surprised is this 50 footer didn't go in!

Melo 62

Smiles all around!
Look at Amar'e laughing! This is the cherry on top. I don't believe I have ever seen him this happy. Sad thing is that this image reminds me of last year's team. A team with a lot of comradely, having a lot of fun. Seems like years ago now. But this night makes up, for a little atleast, for this year.

Melo 62
Melo 62